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Our favorite music videos is all here! Alt Rock, Hip Hop, Love Songs, Rock, Soft Rock, Dance. We have the best haitian Music and live streaming programs.

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Haitian Vibes Radio Station is the perfect blend of easy listening radio and Haitian music. The radio is well known for playing some of the best in class Haitian music all the time to their listeners of Haiti and Haitian people living elsewhere in the world. Haitian Vibes Radio Station knows the true accent of their music and its culture. 

USA Miami, FloridaContact: (800)358-2510  

 Saint-Marc Haiti Contact: +50948171744

Haitian Music and Television

Haitian Vibes Radio is a Haitian radio station based in Maimi Florida and  Saint-Marc, Haiti. The channel’s sibling Haitian Vibes TV will soon be available online. The newly launched Radio and TV  broadcasts the Caribbean and international French music, news and video programs online. In addition to the rolling hour music you can also enjoy your favorite Talk programs by the presenters and Djs you wish to listen to. music radio haitian movie online music radio.

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Haitian Vibes Radio is One of the best Online Radio Station Streaming Live Radio 24/7. We play unsigned and mainstream music. Our mission is to support, inspire and promote unsigned artist/bands with genres such as pop, house, club, hip hop, R&B, Reggea, Soca and more. Haitian Vibes Radio do  live broadcasting from Haiti and America. Haitian Vibes Radio broadcasts news, talk. music. 


DJ / Video Host /Music Director / Lead Reporter

DJ Mix Magic Mike

USA Miami, Florida
Contact: (800)358-2510   

Staff Reporter / DJ / Video Host Haiti Supervisor

Saint-Marc, Haiti
Contact: +50948171744 

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