Thanksgiving in Haitian Creole....and TonmTonm, the Breadfruit Story

November 22, 2018
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On the Menu - Sur La Table - Sa N’ap Sèvi Non Resèt Ayisyen - Names of Haitian Recipes - Les Noms des Recettes Haitiennes - Los Nombres de las Recetas Haitianas

(While cooking and sharing Haitian foods with my college roommates from Central America and South America, I learned many things. I made a few discoveries. When we compared our foodstuffs, we found out they are just the same things but they come with different names) For example: Start with these two ingredients, green plantains, not the bananas we eat!

Vocabulary - Vocabulaire - Mo Nouvo (New words) Bannann Peze - Haitian twice-fried green plantains (Use the green plantains to make bannann peze, not the bananas) Bananes Pesées (French) Lwildoliv / Lwil doliv - Olive oil (use it to fry the smashed plantain...add a little bit of salt)

Ripe Banana and Plantains: Fig (ripe banana) ak Bannann (green plantains)

My Central American, Peruvian, Venezuelan College mates helped me get this information: Tostones is bannann peze. It is a snack or side dish in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Patacones is bannann peze in some Central American countries. My Venezuelan friend told me it is known as Patacones there. Notes: You will need a tostonera to flatten the plantains before their second frying. According to my Dominican friend, any flat surface, a glass or a small plate will do too. I have even seen her using a bowl to flatten the plantain chunks.